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Visions of Denville

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011, Visions of Denville aired successfully on Cablevisons Public Access Channel 21 at 7:00 -7:30.
Visions of Denville will air for at least two more Wednesdays on Cablevision Public Access channel 21 at the same time.

Denville TV would like to thank the seven artists that allowed themselves to be interviewed:
1)Ward Vogt, who work is vivid HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography of scenes of Denville (including the Denville Downtown Clock tower)
2)Jim Somers who work is vivid innovative photography (including of Cedar Lake)
3)Valarie Golden whose work is vivid oil paintings of tree landscapes in Denville (including of Cedar Lake Farms)
4)Cathy Marshall whose work is vivid photography of sunsets and scenes in Denville (of Cedar Lake)
5)CJ Kern whose work is vivid HDR photography (of Indian Lake)
6) Dominick Terraciano whose work is vibrant oil paintings of Denville (Ayres Knuth Farm and Muriel Hepner Park) and
7)Marco Cutrone whose work are magnificent large floral oil paintings (looks like micro views of flowers).

You can acquire more knowledge and contacts about these artist and the show, Visions of Denville by reading, in this blog, the post, Intro to Visions of Denville posted November 16, 2010. Visions of Denville can also be viewed on the internet at Vimeo Channels (Denville TV)


The First Chevy Volt Arrives at Denville…..

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On December 15th, 2010 the media converged onto Denville Gerhart Chevrolet covering the first arrival of the Chevy Volt. There was CNBC, Channel 12 NJ and even a TV station from Japan among the media. You can see part of this historical event on the Denville TV Youtube Channel; . In this video the Mayor of Denville, Ted Hussa, gives a proclamation.

This Holiday Season has been an active time in Denville. The weekend following Thanksgiving the Denville Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Denville Open House 2010, Friday, November 26th and the Denville Holiday Parade 2010, Sunday, November 28th. Part of both events you can view on the Denville TV Youtube Channel; .

More recently, this year’s Denville Hannukah Lighting, Dec 7, 2010 shone as a most significantly special one. Boy Scout David Halkyard, of Denville Boy Scout Troop 17, with help and support of his father, Martin, mother, Beth, friends and Boy Scout Troop 17 Leaders Tom Andes and Al Green, took it upon himself to construct a needed new over 10 foot Hannukiah (Menorah for Hannukah). You can view the video on Denville TV Youtube Channel (David’s Contribution Hannukah 2010); An apology that the video is too dark.

Presently on the Denville TV Show on Cablevision Public Access Channel, Channel 21 ( in Morris County, New Jersey), showing Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM, you can view The Denville Historical Society Xmas Show 2009 (last year) beautifully done by Dana Foreman, to catch the holiday spirit.

On the Denville Vimeo Channel ( on the internet….look up Vimeo Channels and then Denville tv) was uploaded the Visions of Denville showing interviews of 7 artists exhibiting at the Denville Municipal Building Art Exhibit, November 5, 2010.

Let us, from Denville TV, wish all of you Happy Holidays (Belated Happy Hannukah) Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2011)

Into to Visions of Denville

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Have you ever stopped to admire the beauty of nature that surrounds your home and town? Visions of Denville is an art exhibit of 17 artists, mostly Denville artist, whose work are exhibited at Denville Municipal Building. Most of these artists are inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Denville. . You will find at this exhibit both photos and paintings of Cedar lake, Indian Lake, Ayres Knuth Farm, the Downtown Denville clock tower and more.

Intro to Visions of Denville is a video (most recently uploaded on the Denville TV Youtube channel; ) which shows Denville Mayor Ted Hussa introducing the artists, at the opening reception of Visions of Denville, on November 5, 2010. Donna Compton, ( one coordinator of the event. Tiffany Palisi is the other coordinator) also introduces Ann Felice, the art director of the newly relocated and renovated art gallery, Let’s Create Art Gallery at the rivers edge, 106 Broadway, Denville, NJ (where art classes are offered from 3 to 100+years.) (973-299-0633 telephone of Ann Felice)

You can view Visions of Denville, at the Denville Municipal Building, until the end of this week. ( 973 625 8300 tel. no. for Denville Municipal Building)

For more information on the artists exhibiting their work at Visions of Denville you can look at the following website;

Ann Felice has scheduled an exhibit, for the artists exhibiting at Visions of Denville, to show more of their artwork at her new place, (Let’s Create Gallery) Gallery at River’s Edge, in Denville, the opening, Sunday November 21, 2010. The show will ramain up for a couple weeks at least.