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Earth Day/ Arbor Day at the Denville Municipal Building 2011

Posted in Earth Day 2011 on June 2, 2011 by denvilletv

Both Earth Day and Arbor Day were commemorated in Denville, April 29, 2011 by holding a Green Festival at the Denville Municipal Building. Individuals, from all walks of life participated in the event. Among the participants were;
Ann Felice of Let’s Create Art Studio showing her childrens’ project of designing recyclable bags,
Jeff Dickerson of Denville Foodtown showing his store’s newly installed solar panels and informing us of his Solar Day Event held at Denville Foodtown June 18, 2011.
Howie Shimm showing his amazing hydroponics project, growing vegetables and flowers without soil.
Barbara McCloskey, Roseanne Jones and Ellen Duffin of the Woman’s Club of Denville/ Rockaway giving children and all pine tree seedlings and kits to grow marigolds
Raquel Phillips of New Jersey Natural Gas showing NJNG incentive saving Green programs for their clients.
Linda Lehmer of Advanced Energy Savings showing how her business offers ways for her customers to conserve energy in their home.
Al Atkinson of the Denville Enviromental Commission explaining the commission’s part in environmental legislation.
Councilman Nick Stecky (chair of the Green Committee), Phyllis Carey (Green Committee/Beautification Committee), Bob Myer (Inventor, Green Committee) and Ed Russick (Municipal Recyclable Coordinator) giving their views on Earth Day and being “Green”.
A poster contest of trees was held for Denville Elementary School age children. The posters lined the walls at the event. And a week ago a winner of the contest was picked by a jury of the Green Committee. All entries to this contest are winners, though.

Presently you can see a version of the Earth Day and Arbor Day on the Denville TV Youtube channel;
Also, presently, an extended version of this event is airing on the Denville TV Cablevision Program Wednesday from 7:00 to 7:30 PM on Public Access Channel 21. On that program you can see Denville Mayor Ted Hussa show just about all the posters entered in the contest.


Earth Day 2011 Denville, Elite Divers & Kim Swim Cook’s Pond Clean up

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In commemoration of Earth Day 2011, Saturday, April 23, 2011, Elite Divers will do a Cook’s Pond Cleanup( In James F. Dyer Park, Denville NJ, off of Diamond Spring Road, Entranceway)
You are invited to do your part in cleaning one of Earth’s/ Denville waterways (around around the periphery of the pond.) Light Refreshments and water will be served. Now let us hope for nice weather.