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Cablevision Sri Lanka 37th Part 2 and Denville Community Gardens Picnic 2012

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This Wednesday eve, October 10, on Cablevision Public Access channel 21,at 7:00 PM, Denville TV presents Sri Lanka 37th Annual Day 2012 Part 2 (about 10 minutes long) where organizers Jay and Theresa Liyanage are interviewed as well as sports and sri lanka cuisine seen. Also one could view, on the show, the second half of the program, the Denville Community Garden’s Picnic (occurred on August 19, 2012) for the remaining 15 minutes of the show. A number of participants, in the Denville Community Gardens, were interviewed telling about the past and present of the gardens. Unique and enjoyable entertainment was offered as well, as garden tips given. For more info on the Denville Community Gardens go to

Lauren (Rizzo) Citro,the courageous performer, gives hula hoop lessons at parties (without the fire) Her email is;

This Denville TV show will air on Cablevision Public Access Channel the next two Wednesdays, as well, Oct 17 and Oct 24, 2012.

This Sunday, October 7, 2012, the St. Francis 20012 Fall Festival will take place from 10:00 am to 5:00 PM on the Denville Pocono Road Fairgrounds opposite the St. Francis Residential Community. For more info. go to the official Denville Township webiste;


Denville 37th Annual Sri Lanka Festival

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On August 4, 2012, once again Jay Liyanage hosted the Denville Annual Sri Lanka Festival for the 37th year, in Gardner Field, Denville NJ. There was the formal ceremony followed by games of cricket and American flag rugby. This Wednesday, September 19, 2012 is scheduled. on Cablevision Public Access, channel 21, at 7:00 PM, Denville TV presents Denville 37th Annual Sri Lanka Festival, Part 1, the formal ceremonies.

Denville Sri Lanka 37th Annual Sri Lanka Festival fast approaching

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Come to this year’s Denville 37th Annual Sri Lanka Festival on August 4th, 2012 at Gardner Field, Denville, New Jersey from 12 noon to dusk.
The above video was taken from the Denville 35th Annual Sri Lanka Day, 2010, gratitude to Shanika De Alwis, a talented cook as well as travel agent.
You can, as well as tasting the cuisine of Sri Lanka, receive a free brief clinical check up, from the Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America (SLAMANA), of your blood sugar and blood pressure. Their are many sports activities to view, at this year’s Annual Sri Lanka Festival, as well as events planned for the children and families.

On Cablevision Public Access Television, this Wednesday, August 1, 2012, on Channel 21, at 7:00 PM, Denville TV will present excerpts from last years Denville 36th Annual Sri Lanka Festival of the formal ceremonies (once again, for the 36th year, hosted by the honorable Denville Resident and Sri Lanka emissary, Jay Layanage). The first 4 minutes of this Cablevision program will show the above footage. The last five minutes of this Cablevision Denville TV program will show performances of Chinese classical music and dance, performed by young talented artists, presented by a group representing the Shen Yun Performing Arts.
(Shun Yun performing Arts is an Association presenting very elaborate performances of Classical Chinese Performance through out the country.)

below is a link to a press release on more about the history of Denville Annual Sri Lanka Event

36th Denville Sri Lanka Day Sat. August 6, 2011

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Chinese Dancing and Music, for the first time, in the 36 year history of the Denville Sri Lanka Day, will be performed at the event. The Sri Lanka Day organizers invited the Chinese Music Group to be part of the celebration. This Chinese group will, as well, have a special booth, at the event, to promote chinese culture.
The Chinese Music Group will perform, at the 36th Denville Sri Lanka Day, at 4:30 PM, at the Gardner Field Band Stand. Their program will comprise of the following; 1. Pi Pa (two songs) 2. Gu Zheng (Chinese Harp) 3. Digital Piano (2 Songs) 4. Dances (The dances will include the famous Chinese Lion Dance) followed with 5. American Music.
Music will be present throughout the Denville 36th Sri Lanka Day, which takes place at Gardner Field, Denville, New Jersey (off of Route 46 on Savage Road.)
Festivities will begin at 12:00 noon. Food booths as of the Sri Lanka Mission Seva Vanitha, will open promptly.Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Volleyball, Tug of War as well as more activities have be planned, by the organizers, for both adults and children. “Sri Lanka has Talent” will take place in the main pavilion.
The All American Cricket Team from Denville will compete, in a Cricket Match, with the Sri Lankasn Stars for the 18th year.
The Sri Lanka Medical Association will hold their Annual Free Consultation Clinic for the 3rd year.
Official and the Presidents of both Denville Rotary Clubs will be present.
Most of Sri Lanka leading schools will also have their pavilions on the premises of this Sri Lankan event.
Township Administrator Steve Ward will read the Mayor’s Proclamation declaring the 36th Sri Lanka Day in Denville. Present will be Honored guests; Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, Senator & Councilman Bucco, Sri Lankan Association President Dr. Ranpali Fernando and the two Ambassadors of Sri Lanka to the US & UN. There sill be the hoisting of both the Sri Lankan flag and American flag with singing of their respective National Anthems. The hoisting of the flags will be performed by their respective above honorable guests, mentioned above.
The event also marks the 40th Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Association of New York. All past Presidents of the Association will be present at this event.

For additional details call:
VJ 917 613 2472 Event Chairman
Jay 973 627 7855

The 35th Annual Denville Sri Lanka Day

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On August 7, 2010 The 35th Annual Sri Lanka Day took place in Gardner Field in Denville, New Jersey. Once again, through the tireless efforts of Jay and Therese Liyanage, with some help from their friends (The NYC Sri Lanka Association, Sri Lanka Tristate Community and Denville Township), created a most wonderful Sri Lanka Day. Speeches were made by dignitaries of both the Sri Lanka and Denville Community. A Cricket match was played between Sri Lanka team and Denville team. Delicacies and wares of Sri Lanka were sold. The Sri Lanka Medical Association performed free health screening.

An excerpt from the opening ceremonies of the 35th Sri Lanka Day can be viewed on Denville TV Youtube Channel.
The direct link to the video is;

In the excerpt you can hear the host Jan Liyanage as well as a proclamation by Mayor Ted Hussa and short speech by Congressman Rodney Frelinhuysen. Within several weeks there should be a 30 minute episode of the opening ceremonies aired on Cablevision Public Access as well as uploaded on the Denville TV Vimeo Channel.

Further notice will be posted.

Catching up…Latest Shows on Denville TV Youtube

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Almost a month had passed since my last post. As the cliche goes “Life’s happening while you are making other plans. Hope you are enjoying somewhat our record high temperature summer of 2010. The fiesta of colors of the flowers blooming and the butterflies fluttering around has caught my eye. Water is the secret to survival outside in this summer heat. Either drink a lot of it or swim in it.

Since the last post several new short videos have crept onto our Denville Youtube channel; http//

1. The 2010 Denville Duck Race (uploaded about 2 weeks ago).
Every year Denville Rotary Club holds a fund raiser. Rubber duckies are sold for an amount to raise money for several civic causes. At the end of June the multitude of rubber duckies are loaded onto a big yellow payloader which proceeds to dumb them into the Rockaway River by Gardner Field. And the race is on. Great video with great sound track.

2. Mayor Ted Hussa, Bikes Matter (uploaded about 2 weeks ago) Mayor Ted Hussa is very serious about making Denville a bike friendly town. He talks about his bike goals at the Denville NJ Summit (Feb 27, 2010) and shows it in this year’s Bike Rodeo 2010, both events shown in this video. Presently the Mayor and newly formed Denville Bike Committee are working hard toward acquiring a Bike Grant from the Morris County to create bike paths and bike lanes on main roadways in Denville center, all to be interlinked into a Denville Biking system.

3. The Denville July 4th 2010 Celebration in Gardner Field. (uploaded about 1 week ago)
This is just an intro to the event. The event marks the memorable first time use of the new band stand, at Gardner Field, by Mayor Ted Hussa, the Mac String Group and the West Morris County Concert Band (financed and constructed by the Rotary Club for Denville Township). The concert was amazing. I am hoping to create a 30 minute Cablevision program, soon, from excerpts of the West Morris County Concert Band
performance at the Denville July 4th 2010 Gala.

I am in the process of finishing a new Cablevision program on another remarkeable resident in Denville, Margaret Price. Presently Nick Picciano’s Show, Part 1, is still being aired on the Denville TV Cablevision Program on Wednesdays, channel 21 at 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM since June 23, 2010. You can still see that show this Wednesday, June 21 2010. You can also see that show on the Denville TV Vimeo Channel listed on the last Denville tv Blog (June 22, 2010) post. Hopefully I will have the new show up the following Wednesday, June 28th, 2010.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Denville Sri Lanka Day 2010,
Saturday, August 7th, 2010, held in Gardner Field,
to be hosted by our one and only Jay Liyanage and his wife Theresa,
two other remarkable Denville Resident.