A Good Morning with the Sunrise Rotary Club of Denville

VID01354 This morning I was invited, by Susan Richter of the Sunrise Rotary Club of Denville to speak before this lovely hard working club about Denville TV. I told the club about Denville TV Cablevision Public Access Channel, (Wednesday, Channel 21 from 7:00- 7:30 PM). Denville TV Youtube Channel, http://www.denvilletv.com and Denville TV Blog. When I returned home from this wonderful event I realized it had been awhile since I added a new post to Denville TV Blog. So I am adding this blog promptly, with thanks to the Sunrise Rotary Club of Denville, who does a lot for the Denville community as well as far and wide world community, in anticipation of one of your members interested in looking at Denville TV Blog, a very updated blog. I look very forward to placing a program on Denville TV (Public Access and Youtube channel) about the far and wide influence of this wonderfully friendly and hard working club, Sunrise Rotary Club of Denville with the Sunrise Rotary Clubs background history of origin,in the near future.


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