Hurricane Irene, the aftermath

On August 2011 Hurricane Irene affecting a large portion of the Northeast United States, made land fall in Southern New Jersey on August 28, 2011, from where it moved up the coast, all the way up to Maine, causing havoc with wind and floods. Denville NJ was not spared, seeing the worst floods ever, on August 29th, 2011. Areas that were never flooded before were flooded, including its commercial center on Broadway and Bloomfield Ave. With lots of work and unity of spirit Denville was able to pull itself up, the commercial center pretty much renovated, as well as residences renovated. MattHew Groszew has proceeded with a project of interviewing those affected by the flood. This Wednesday,August 29, 2012 (marking the one year anniversary of the aftemath floods of Hurricane Irene on Cablevision, (channel 21), Denville TV is scheduled to present one of Matthew’s Groszew’s first interviews, (directed and edited by Matthew Groszew) interviewing of Susan Banks, store owner of “Faith and Begorra” the Irish gift shop in Denville on Broadway. Susan Banks has owned her store, in Denville for over twenty years and can not recall as bad a floods as the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Mrs Banks speaks of her experience as trying and emotional but overcoming with the help of family, friends and the town of Denville’s support. Excerpts from this interview will appear on Youtube, shortly.


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