Denville Memorial Day Commemoration 2012

Visit the Denville TV Youtube; where you can see the first two installments of the Denville Memorial Day Commemoration 2012. The Parade, ed. By F. Mott and the Ceremonies within town, edited by G. Millington (via his Iphone). This last segment, the Service in the Denville Cemetery, is edited by R. Gimbel.
Thank you to the Rockaway, Marcella and Denville Memorial Association for the organizing of this event in Denville. Phyllis Vialard, Secretary of the organization. does the hosting of the services in the Denville Cemetery.
Thank you to all our United States of America Veteran who served our Country, in the different armed services, and to those who sacrificed their lives, as well as to the men and woman who serve in the armed forces of the United States, today. May they be protected from harms way.

This Wednesday, June 6, 2012, on Cablevision Public Access Channel 21, at 7:00 PM you can see, for the second week, Denville TV presenting Denville Pride Awards Dinner, Part 2b, the last installment of this event. In this last segment Susan Banks presents Maegan and Caitlin Olinowski, of Surprise in Store, the Business of the Year Award. You will also be able to see excerpts from the entertainment.


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