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Denville Band+ Aid on Broadway

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On October 16 2011 a special organized event took place in Denville, “Denville Up and Running/ Band+ Aid on Broadway”, to help raise money for the Denville Merchants and Denville Residences impacted by the floods of Hurricane Irene (August 28, 2011). The event, starting with a Denville up and running 5k race and continuing with Band+ Aid on Broadway (where many local very talented Bands performed) was graced with beautiful weather, fantastic music and the enthusiastic spirit of those attending and dancing (volunteers, residences and merchants). The event was a sure success in terms of raising money thru Denville PAL Hurricane Relief Fund and rallying of a continued united spirit for Denville.
Thanks to the organizers (among them Dan Lefsky, Bobby Egner, Steven Vittorio, Patrick Kaiser, Jesse Decker and Matthew Loreto);
Thanks to all the volunteers( two of them; Kayla and Camille, in the video above); Thanks to the talented local musical bands that gave the great music at the event (including “Edge of 17”, in the video above,;
Thanks to Roxie Rose ( who did the designs for the banners and the keepsake Lanyard (with ticket of all the musical bands on it.) for Denville Band+ Aid on Broadway;
And thanks to the support of the Denville Community.


Hurricane Relief for Denville

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It has been slightly over a month since the floods of Hurricane Irene impacted Denville. Until this day a lot of Denville Residence and Merchants are still in need of assistance to recover. There has been a lot of efforts in developing Benefit Events and Drives to collect needed funds and necessities for those impacted by the Flood of August 28, 2011. Among the websites you can visit, to find out about these relief efforts are;

and the accompanying facebook page;

Also visit Denville NJ official website;

for further info. on Denville Relief efforts
Also remember to shop in Denville and support the merchants there. They have been always there for us. SHOP DENVILLE.