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A Day In the Life in Denville NJ

Posted in Let's Create Art Studio with tags on February 24, 2011 by denvilletv

I would like to share a lovely day I had in Denville, Sunday, February 20, 2010. That day a special event took place in Ann Felice’s Art Gallery, Let’s Create or Gallery on the River Edge ( Located at 106 Broadway, Denville, literally on the river edge, the banks of the Rockaway River). The event, “Love Art” Handmade and Homespun Winter Shop, aside from bringing a lot of wonderful vendors together, promised a certain percentage of sales to go toward the Benefit of the K-8 Denville School System. Curator of the event was Tiffany Palisi. Ann Felice, owner of the gallery gave me a heads notice of a wonderful art opening in her gallery next Saturday evening, February 26 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Following the event, we then, my son, his girlfriend and I headed, to one of his favorite haunts in town, “Nature’s EnerQi” (“Qi” you pronounce Chee, the inner force within us) (located at 21 Bloomfield Ave., Denville ), the wonderful teahouse of Tom and Sophia, The multitude of teas offered at Nature’s EnerQi is staggering. My son ordered Genmai Ona Japanese tea, which consists of Tea and Rice. Sophia pointed out the importance of knowing how to prepare tea. Green Tea should not be brewed in boiling water or longer than intended for that particular tea otherwise it will have a bitter taste. Natalie meanwhile enjoyed the Miso Soup Sophia prepared for her. Yes, you can get delectable delights, as well, prepared freshly at EnerQi, such as homemade soups.
As we sat in Nature’s EnerQi in walks Alex Adams, we know fondly as the Mushroom Man. Last Spring, Summer and Fall Alex Adams sold his home grown produce at the newly created Denville Farmer’s Market. I had told Alex that the 2 kale plants that I had purchased from him have gone to flower. Alex pointed out to me that when kale flowers are preparing to go into the propagation of seeds they are at a stage of not producing their best tasting leaves. Alex added it is amazing how kale is used to largely decorate buffets in restaurants despite it’s highly nutrition value. Kale has substances in the form of glucosinolates which boost your body’s detoxification system among many other attributes .
Alex is a dedicated farmer cultivating mushrooms among other produce at his Denville farm, Oak Shade Farm. On this cold February day, in the warmth of the Denville Nature’s EnerQi Tea House Alex continued to share his knowledge in plant propagation.

Alex Adams nor the editor of this video nor Denville TV should be held liable for anyone who ingests any of these mushrooms or produce Alex mentions in this video. One has to have in depth knowledge of mushrooms before ingesting any grown wild.