Visions of Denville

Wednesday, January 19, 2011, Visions of Denville aired successfully on Cablevisons Public Access Channel 21 at 7:00 -7:30.
Visions of Denville will air for at least two more Wednesdays on Cablevision Public Access channel 21 at the same time.

Denville TV would like to thank the seven artists that allowed themselves to be interviewed:
1)Ward Vogt, who work is vivid HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography of scenes of Denville (including the Denville Downtown Clock tower)
2)Jim Somers who work is vivid innovative photography (including of Cedar Lake)
3)Valarie Golden whose work is vivid oil paintings of tree landscapes in Denville (including of Cedar Lake Farms)
4)Cathy Marshall whose work is vivid photography of sunsets and scenes in Denville (of Cedar Lake)
5)CJ Kern whose work is vivid HDR photography (of Indian Lake)
6) Dominick Terraciano whose work is vibrant oil paintings of Denville (Ayres Knuth Farm and Muriel Hepner Park) and
7)Marco Cutrone whose work are magnificent large floral oil paintings (looks like micro views of flowers).

You can acquire more knowledge and contacts about these artist and the show, Visions of Denville by reading, in this blog, the post, Intro to Visions of Denville posted November 16, 2010. Visions of Denville can also be viewed on the internet at Vimeo Channels (Denville TV)


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