Who’s Who in Denville

Nick Picciano
A Teacher’s Odyssey through the Denville School System
to be aired on Cablevision Public Access Channel 21
Wednesday June 23, 2010 7:00- 7:30

In the 1930/1931 Denville Herald Newspaper there was a section called Who’s Who in Denville where notable citizens of the town were written about. So I thought that woudl be a good title, for a Cablevision Program, to present such remarkeable residents of Denville today. The first such individual that I would like to present, on this cablevision program, is Nicholas A. Picciano, a man of many facets. In this show, which I created from over two hours of interviewing Nick, on video, focuses on Nick’s experiences as a teacher in the Denville School system from 1955 to the 1970’s. Nick proceeded to become a guidance counselor, in Valleyview School, Denville, in the 1970’s. And then Nick move onto the position of Vice Principal, and sometimes acting Principal (in the Denville Schools) in the 1980’s until 1990 when he retired from his Education Career. Then Nick moved on to dedicate his energies and influences in other areas of Denville, Now, in his supposedly retiring years, Nick volunteers on so many committees that I questioned Nick on when he sleeps. I am hoping to create another show or two, within a couple of months, of Nick speaking of his other interests. In the meantime I believe you would find this show interesting, as Nick reveals his secrets in teaching.

Several new shows have been uploaded on the Denville Youtube Channel,

1. Bike Rodeo 2009 ( to promote Bike Rodeo 2010. I hope to upload 2010 Bike Rodeo, that occurred on June 10, 2010, shortly)
2. Memorial Day Ceremony Part 1 Phyllis Vialard’s opening speech
3. Memorial Day Ceremony Part 2 Denville Mayor Ted Hussa’s Speech


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